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 That, to the left, is me.


I previously had a pretty photo of a forest path on this page, a place I go to relax and get some balance. I said, when I loaded it up, that if I found a photo of myself that I didn't hate, I would go ahead and load it, but wasn't holding my breath. Amazing friend photographer snapped this one, and hey! I don't hate it. I actually look like that.

I'm a journalist by trade and nature. I love newspapers, magazines and even some websites. I also love mysteries. Novels of all kinds. Diving into the fight between good and evil.

I didn't set out to write the Great Canadian novel. I tried to write something fun to read, fast-paced, with a salting of morality, a dash of peppery sex. Thanks for reading.

Joanne (J.C.) Paulson

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