Adam's Witness

50 thousand.

January 8, 2017

Two years ago, I didn't really believe I would ever get to 50,000 words. Yesterday, I did.

I'm not saying they're all good. Some are. Some are definitely not. But I'm going with the advice I received from a fellow author: write it. Just write it. You can make it better later.

So, I'm at 50,000, which means I'm about three-quarters finished, or possibly more.

Quantity is nice, but how's the quality?

I did meet with the writer-in-residence at the Saskatoon Library, when I was still in the 30,000 word zone. He liked my main character, said he; and gave me all kinds of excellent pointers.

Still, writers-in-residence only view the first 10 pages. Who knows about the remaining 120?

Are all authors this insecure?

Further bulletins as events warrant, as my husband likes to say.

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