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Adam's Witness

Urrrrch. Or is that, Errch?

Beta reader comes through again. I won't mention her name, but she's beautiful and tall and crazy smart. You know who you are.

So, I slammed on the brakes.

Beta five having pointed out two significant problems, it was back to the drawing board, a bit. First I had to figure out how to insert two scenes that would fix the issues; then, I had to go back over the entire story, making sure the timelines still flowed, along with some touching up some dialogue. It was amazing how many changes had to be made.

Lesson of the day: writing a novel is not just a blurting act of creativity. It's a technical — well, I won't say nightmare, but perhaps challenge.

That took about a week. Now I've passed it along to a real copy editor. It is temporarily out of my hands, and it's time to get some actual paying work done.

Looking forward the copy editor's comments. I'm moving along. Not on, along.

#betareaders #romance #Saskatoon #newnovel #technicalchallenge

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