Adam's Witness

New title. New edits. Now what?

March 26, 2017

This book writing thing is not for sissies. I think I've pointed that out before.

I sent Murder by Monstrance/The Murder Vessel to a content editor, namely Bev Katz Rosenbaum, thinking I could forget about it for, say, a couple or three weeks.

It was not to be. Bev was extremely efficient and had it back to me in days. I couldn't leave it alone.

I obsessed and stewed and stayed up late . . . okay, well, stayed on the computer for too long . . . and made her changes and added 3,000 words, mostly to the romantic side of the plot.

Is it better? God, I hope so. Most of the edits are really up to you, as author, particularly if the content editor tells you to add stuff. So I dug into the characters' pasts, and really messed with their minds.

But they are strong people and they withstood it. Just hope the novel did.

Round three is done, today. Round one was just slamming it down, getting the words out, forming the plot. Round two was making changes suggested by beta readers, most of them helpful.

Now what? How do you know when your book is really done?

Don't know.

But once I grit my teeth and essentially hit publish, the next phase hits. Marketing. Book cover. Author photo. Blurbs. Not necessarily in that order.

It's terrifying, really.

And the title. Veering toward Adam's Witness. We'll see.



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