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Adam's Witness

So close. Thanks, Lori.

A couple of weeks ago, I met Lori Coolican, crime reporter and copy editor extraordinaire, for lunch. She walked in carrying my book. As in, printed out. It was heavy.

I asked Lori to please save me from embarrassment from checking my legal bits in the book, now renamed Adam's Witness. She was brilliant. She also made some copy changes, asked some questions, made some red squiggles on the pages . . . it was great.

Then I started to ask myself if I needed yet another copy edit. I wasn't sure, so I asked Lori.

Nope, she said. I don't think so. Most of it is clean, and I catch it when there's an extra space between sentences.

How amazing is that?

I'm this close. Caroline and I are working on the book cover, and then . . . well, either I struggle through converting my Word file to Kindle and Kobo, or I throw up my hands in frustration and get a genius to do it for me.

All I can say is that Lori is amazing and I'm so grateful for her help and her pep talk. People really are incredible, you know. Lori, Caroline, Bruce, Kathy, Kristin, Carol, Phyllis, Ken . . . love you all.

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