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Adam's Witness

This Kindle thing is not so hard after all

I spent a week looking for an inexpensive ebook conversion service.

Then Ken went crazy yesterday and uploaded his book to Kindle. Boom, like that. It's up: The Goldsmith Book. I was amazed.

Not to be outdone, I gave it a shot. I'm waiting for the cover art, but so far have dealt with setting up an account, U.S. tax withholding, converting the Word document and loading it into the site. I'd love to brag and declare myself a tech genius, but it was remarkably simple.

So far, anyway. So good.

I still have to upload the cover, do the table of contents, proof the thing and determine an ebook price.

Aiming for end of Thursday. Kind of can't believe it.

Then on to print on demand, and all that jazz.

I just might be joining this century.

#TheGoldsmithBook #KenPaulson #Kindle #Amazon #conversion #uploading #AdamsWitness

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