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Adam's Witness

Fourth try. Maybe lucky.

Createspace was daunting. First, you create an account. Then, you deal with filling out forms, U.S. taxes, uploading the interior of the book, adding the cover, establishing a price and determining which sales channels you want to use.

Every time you upload a file (well, every time I uploaded a file) it told me there were "issues." And, of course, there were. Lots of 'em.

In this process I learned to embed fonts in a pdf and that I had also, somehow, pasted in the wrong ISBN number. Good Lord.

I'm on the fourth upload, and this time, it found no issues. Am I almost there? in print? It's all very well to publish an ebook, but it sure doesn't seem real (to a relatively old fart) until you get the print edition out there. In your hand.

Soon, I think.

#AdamsWitness #Createspace #uploadingabook #printcover

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