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Adam's Witness

Hitting the publish button

Aieeee. Can you hear me screaming from there?

It was scary, but I did it. I hit the publish button on the paperback. It should hit the website, amazon.com, in a couple of days.

I regret deeply that it's not perfect; I'm no typesetter, I have learned. But I think it's readable. I've used Calibri in 11 point in black on white, rag right instead of justified, and I think it's easy on the eyes.

The proofing process was intense. I can't count the number of revisions, from typos and extra spaces to chapter numbers jumping all over the place. If you've ever tried this, or something like it, you'll know what I mean.

So thank you, Caroline Dinter, for all your patience with the cover. Thank you, Ken Paulson, for saying "ship it." Thank you, sister, for being such a huge support and an inspiration. Thank you, brother, for reading and for your name. Thank you, all you amazing beta readers, friends and family members, for putting up with me.

Pictured here is the actual book in proof form. It's never really real until you see it in print.

Launch to come in the fall.

On to book two.

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