Adam's Witness

Falling away

October 7, 2017



Saskatoon must be one of the most beautiful cities anywhere in the fall. We may not have the bright red leaves of other climates and forests, but the glory of our yellows, oranges and persistent softer greens make autumn our finest seasonal hour.


I've been walking through Buena Vista nearly every day, just as the sunlight begins to slant through the still-heavy canopy, a scattering of fallen leaves blowing across the streets. It stops me every time; I look in amazement at the beauty a city can offer.


Alongside the riverbank, the blue water rushes by. A lone cyclist makes his way past the rising sun, warming the chilly dawn, the grass still a carpet of green along his path. There is no one else about; just the photographer. Someone I love; someone who can also see, and capture, the beauty.


I think about how lovely this place is. I think about the peace that can still be found. I think of the horrors abounding in other locations. And I think, I'm so grateful that this is home.


And I count my blessings this Thanksgiving. 



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